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Services Offered:

  • Custom Formulation – product ideation, lab development, pilot lots, to commercial, BTLLC can help you avoid common and less known pitfalls on the way to your product offering
  • Ingredient Sourcing – Working with the right raw material providers is critical. Apart from quality of ingredients, conformity of required documents, site audits, and more, BioTectics can help ensure that your product formulations are made from the highest quality raw materials and dependable suppliers who stay up to date on ever changing materials requirements.
  • Regulatory and Quality Planning and Oversight – making the product is a first step but testing the product and establishing proper specifications is critical to long term success.
  • Label and Claims Complianc – the US FDA, USDA, FTC, and other agencies and commissions establish rules and guidance the help manufacturers and marketers ensure that their products are properly labeled and marketed. Our staff and partners can ensure compliance and offer risk/benefit assessments so you can make informed decisions.
  • Intellectual Property – If you desire to pursue patents and/or trademarks, we can help guide you. Intellectual property searches, consulting and recommendations to ensure you don’t waste precious resources.
  • Manufacturing – Whereas BioTectics does not manufacture products, we do have lots of friends and colleagues in the market that we can introduce you to when ready to go to the next level.
  • Literature Claims Substantiation – let us search the clinical archives to see what we can say about your product, based on peer reviewed clinical and in vitro research.
  • Clinical and Marketing Trials – if you desire clinical work to substantiate claims, our professionals can help guide you, develop protocols, questionnaires, and help you collaborate with professional clinical organizations.
  • Label translations – We offer label translations services (Spanish and French).
  • Ongoing QC/QA – Just because your product is finished does not mean that the lab work stops. Let us help you development and implement your ongoing quality control protocols and practices.

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